ASTOR was founded in 1963 by an intuition of Gilberto Valmori, as a producer of sofas and armchairs. The company, thanks to a quality product and a model in step with the times, is growing rapidly, occupying leading positions in the national territory. The size of the craft origins changes early and, in the eighties, the company takes on industrial characteristics.
The next step is the work of the sons Massimo and Daniela, the current owners, who have changed the commercial policy of the company focusing on the creation of their collections and on the affirmation of the “Valmori” brand. Thanks to this new concept Astor has taken on an international connotation, exporting throughout Europe, Asian countries, Russia and the UAE, so that now 70% of turnover is exported.

Astor manufactures its products using precious and exclusive materials. The long experience and enduring presence in the market, over the years has allowed the company to select the best suppliers, and today the company is able to provide customers with top quality leather combined with a very low environmental impact methods of processing, using in tanning and dyeing of leather water-based coatings that provide a product hypo-allergenic and completely free of offensive odors.
What sets Astor on the production floor is the combination that has as protagonists the tradition and technology. The products Astor, in fact, are finished in the traditional way, using, however, the opportunities offered by the industry, in order to achieve the highest quality strictly and authentically made in Italy package.
It ‘a goal that is achieved thanks to the long history of the craft, relying on the proven skills and proven experience of highly professional operators together with the advanced technology of processing machinery. The machines indeed guarantee the high precision of the mechanized cutting, while skilled craftsmen ensures high sensitivity and absolute expertise in the finishing details, treating the sofas as real tailoring products.

Through the years the main theme remains the same: focus in the research of the materials used; careful monitoring by a skilled staff that has formed over the years within the company and constitutes an irreplaceable heritage. This is the ideal breeding ground where they are born and proliferate the Astor projects. The company philosophy is aimed at enhancing the single product through careful attention to detail.
For over 50 years, thanks to the continuous evolution of research into the design and development of the concept of quality, Astor is present at major exhibitions such as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, the most qualified showcase of excellence of Made in Italy